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  1. Spot: Junmai Daiginjo Fujikura "Dokan" / Ota Shuzo Brewery

Junmai Daiginjo Fujikura "Dokan" / Ota Shuzo Brewery

Ota Shuzo was created by the ancestors of the 15th century samurai and military tactician, Sukenaga Ota. When Sukenaga Ota became a Buddhist monk he adopted the Buddhist name Dokan. The current Ota family can trace their ancestry all the way back to this samurai turned Buddhist monk.

It is said that the ancestors of Dokan started this sake brewery after the end of the old feudal system in order to make use of the high-quality Omi rice harvested from their large number of rice fields.
Ota Shuzo Brewery currently produces Junmai Daiginjo, an A level sake with special designations specified by the Japanese government and is named “Dokan” after their famous ancestor.
Ota Shuzo Brewery offers “Dokan” which includes beautiful wooden box making it ideal for a special gift.
The price is 720ml : 2,100 yen, 1,800ml : 5,500 yen. This excludes tax and shipping fees.

Ota Shuzo Brewery offers international shipping. For more details, please contact them by email using the following template.

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